Dickson Tsai

Software and Data Engineer, SAT and Math Tutor, Board Game Enthusiast

Hello, welcome to my website! 

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2016 with majors in Computer Science and Linguistics.

I am currently a Software Engineer at Google, working in Search Data Science & Engineering, and specializing in sequence/funnel analysis, A/B testing, and logging.

I was previously a Full Stack Software Engineer at Cruise Automation, where I led "Golden Set", an auto-grading platform for human labelers. Cruise is now offering self-driving rides in SF!

In my free time, I tutor at schoolhouse.world (SHW), where I offer free SAT tutoring. SHW is an online peer tutoring platform by Sal Khan, Drew Bent, Mariah Olson, et. al. to provide free 24/7 access to tutoring worldwide. Teaching is by far the best way to learn something, and anyone in high school or older can be a tutor!