About Me

Software Engineer and Language Enthusiast | UC Berkeley Computer Science and Linguistics, 2016

Hi! I am Dickson Tsai, a second-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley. My projects center around problems I or other people encounter, but I did fun things as well, such as a Sudoku solver my roommate and I casually competed to create one summer weekend. (I was tired that weekend, so my code was sloppier than I intended.) In my free time, I like to practice my Spanish at websites such as El Pais and also Practica EspaƱol. My past activities include being a sports editor for El Estoque, Monta Vista High School’s newspaper, which was how I learned a little bit of the Adobe suite, and playing the double bass.

On a separate note, I love great photos, especially those of landscapes or cityscapes, even though I am pretty bad at photography. Our world is one to appreciate and experience, which is my my website is full of photos I have taken during my travels. My banner photos are mostly taken from my trip to Spain with Magellan Study Abroad. I will upload my trip journal at some point, along with a more complete collection of pictures.

Fast Facts

  • Favorite sport to play: Basketball
  • Favorite sport to watch: Football
  • Sport that suits me best (and that I play): Ultimate Frisbee
  • Favorite board game: Monopoly
  • Favorite card game: Egyptian War
  • Favorite movie: Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)
  • Favorite fiction book: Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Favorite series: Harry Potter (especially in languages other than English)
  • Places traveled: US {LA, SF, SD, DC, Yellowstone, Las Vegas, Hawaii, FL}, Spain {Salamanca, Galicia, Madrid} (with Magellan Study Abroad), Taiwan, HK, Tokyo
  • Favorite thing to appreciate: Transportation: traffic systems, public transit
  • Favorite trivia topic: Presidents. You should challenge me on QuizUp.
  • I used to be a grammar stickler, but not anymore. As all linguists know, every dialect is worth studying, and personally I think that as long as you can communicate your ideas, perfect grammar is not necessary. Of course, academic writing is very different from personal interaction, so you would be expected to write perfectly in the former but should not be expected to speak perfectly in the latter.
  • More to come!

  • The beautiful, green East Bay hills after the rain. This was taken as I was hiking up to Mission Peak (March 27, 2014).